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Serious changes needed!!!

Latitude – set the scene: 9/10

Overlooking Times Square from the hotel. Credit from

The establishment is located right in the heart of Times Square. Definitely a must for first time visitors to NYC, as Times Square has been featured in numerous household movies and so being there gives you an electrifying yet truly authentic experience of the big apple. Moreover, being situated in the middle of Manhattan makes it very easy to travel to the Upper and lower parts.

Style and ambiance: 3/10

Interior of the hotel

One would say that the style is somewhat disappointing, as it lacks any true resemblance of a classic W hotel. This is partly due to the hotel being very old and having a tired decor in need of some love. The overall ambiance felt very dark and dull, and not lively and energetic like the W core values.

Hotel gym

Service: 0/10

This establishment has unfortunately taken the freedom that W Hotels gives to its staff, to an entirely different level. As there were no service standard within the hotel. The staff were talking to each other non stop whilst guests would be waiting to be served, even during service staff would be shouting across the room to chat. Even worse when one first arrived to the country one went immediately to the hotel, and therefore didn’t have time to take any cash out. It was so awful that the hotel employee stood there and ask for tips. Then when one indicted this, the member of staff posed a horrible and judgmental look. This is absolutely disgusting behaviour and something that W hotels should not accept.

Where the magic happens – Rooms / Suites: 4/10



One stayed in the Wonderful room. Whilst a little small, the room was convenient and practical. Like one previously mentioned, the rooms could also do with some new life in them to keep up with the modern consumer needs and competitors. The Bliss amenities were a nice touch.

Is it worth the money?: 2/10

Definitely not. I would highly not recommend this hotel to anyone, until they make some serious changes to both the staff and the product.

Editors comments:

One would say Times Square is a must for first time visitor to New York but not W.

Overall 3.6/10

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